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Complete Manufacturing Solutions

The Kenard Engineering Group is a dynamic organisation dedicated to the provision of complete manufacturing solutions to diverse market sectors and international markets. The principal markets served by Kenard Engineering are Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Communications.

Two manufacturing divisions provide an extensive range of capabilities, offering a complete manufacturing service and integrated support facilities. With a corporate culture dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement, Kenard Engineering is able to service the demands of modern industry through ongoing investment in the latest manufacturing technology. Combined with the skills and knowledge of our dedicated team, this ensures that we are able to deliver quality solutions consistently.

The Group's software division Seiki Systems Ltd, is a specialist provider of real-time production management solutions, integrating the entire manufacturing enterprise to provide an immediate, visual and dynamic picture of the ‘plan to make’ production process.

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  • precision high integrity machining
  • Sub assembly, testing and kitting
  • Supply chain integration
  • Precision Fabrication and Coded Welding
  • Integrated software systems
Kenard AS9100, absolute quality