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About Kenard Engineering

Kenard Engineering, founded in 1964, specialises in the manufacture of precision components and assemblies utilising the latest machining techniques on state of the art machine tools. Continuous process optimisation ensures efficient use of manufacturing resources.

The History of Kenard Engineering

Kenard in 1964

  • 1954 - Company founded
  • 1964 - Registered at Companies House
  • 1982 - Acquisition by current shareholders
  • 1985 - New factory built at Princes Road, Dartford
  • 1999 - Acquisition of second manufacturing division in Tewkesbury
  • 2002 - Acquisition of Seiki Systems Ltd - Software Division Formed
  • 2007 - Dartford facilities expanded
  • 2008 - Acquisition of DLoG (UK) Ltd

Kenard in 2008

Kenard's modern flexible manufacturing systems are capable of unmanned production, manufacturing complex machined components to close tolerances 24/7.

A proven supplier of high integrity components to a global customer base, including core industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defence and Communications. The Dartford and Tewkesbury facilities are certified to AS9100 rev C.

Current Position and Future Outlook

The constant need for suppliers that are technically capable of meeting high quality and performance standards means that Kenard are well positioned to support the changing requirements of modern industry.

The organisation has grown over the years by continuously investing in the latest manufacturing technologies. Kenard continue to develop process and service to support and add value to our customers' operations - endeavouring to reduce the total cost of purchase and ensuring robust partnerships are sustained. With over 140 skilled personnel the organisation is well resourced to meet this challenge.